The Restorers Corner monthly program focuses on three elements of a restorative lifestyle that we can sometimes forget to do, when we’re caught up in our daily struggles. We all need to find appreciation for the story we are creating through our actions and choices. It’s very helpful for the health of our mind and sense of satisfaction to keep up mindfulness and meditations practices. Finally, it helps to know we’re not alone in our desire to create new kinds of restorative prosperity.


Every month, we consider where you story is taking you, and if you’re aligned with your dreams and restoring our world.


Every week, we practice mindfulness and meditation techniques to improve your health, and help you connect to your story and restorative prosperity.


Throughout the year, we explore different ways of creating wealth and abundance that are not destructive to our world or ourselves.

Let’s create a more restorative world together.

My experience is that most of us need longer-term support to make bigger changes and transformations happen. So much of coaching is not affordable to women and men who are living unconventional lives and don’t necessarily have a great deal of disposable income.

Many changes are subtle and need reinforcement. I hope you will consider this program if it’s something you’re needing in your life now. You receive insight, meditations, retreats, and sustainable living tools.

When you join the Restorers Corner program, you also receive free access to my four seasonal retreats, which normally cost $75, music and meditation collections and seasonal workbooks.

The Restorers Corner monthly payment is non-refundable, but there is no obligation to stay in the program for any specific amount of time. Only join if this feels right for you.

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