Mindful Restoration

Restoring ourselves with the natural world

So much of our ability to create something helpful, beautiful or useful depends on our ability to listen well to our own nature as well as the life around us.

When we expand our mindfulness, know our personal stories differently and learn how to come to ourselves by focusing on your breath, we clear the space for restoration with us. Transformation happens naturally.

Is There an Art to Restoration?

Karen Wan Summer 2018 HeadshotOne of the best ways to develop our capacity to listen is to have a consistent daily meditation practice, but sometimes we need to understand that there is an art to restoration, whether it’s through meditation or any other restorative activity.

Restoration is an Art because each of is unique.  

Our path to restoration is not pre-defined or something that follows a template or linear path. We require artfulness to move through our lives.

Get Started with Weekly Meditation

If you’re looking for a meditation practice that supports your authentic expression and true nature, I offer a weekly meditation on Friday mornings at 9am CST.  You can sign up here.

I am certified meditation instructor from the Open Heart Project, which means that I am authorized to teach Shamata meditation, an ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice.  I also offer guided restorative meditations to help you honor your life story and grow greener as you age.

Go Deeper 

The Mindful Holiday collection is available now for your listening pleasure.  

It includes three meditations to help you end the year with respect for yourself, clarity and gratitude.  This collection offers you a taste of what I offer during the Winter Solstice Retreat.  

If you purchase the collection, you also receive a Mindful Holiday ebook to help you  expand the meditations into mini-retreats, and create a more sustainable and delightful holiday experience,

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