Among the Redwoods with my Mom and sons circa 2007.
Among the Redwoods in California, with my Mom and two sons, circa 2007.


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Karen Powers Wan

Hello there! My name is Karen Powers Wan.

I am a writer, sustainable living coach, caregiver, nature lover, and certified meditation instructor.  

My goal is to help women and men who want their lives to have stood for something uplifting and positive at the end of their days. Together we develop and implement strategies to create memories and moments that last a lifetime.

A restorative lifestyle is something that I have consciously cultivated for over 15 years.  I enjoy a highly creative lifestyle which allowed me to work from home, spend more time with my sons as they grew into young men.  I have been a  caregiver for my 89 year old mother for five years after she had a heart attack and stroke.  In those five years since her illness, we have traveled across America and visited Copenhagen and Sweden.  We plan to do something special for her 90th birthday in 2020.

Serving on the Sustainable Advisory board for the City of Aurora, Illinois and the National Water Center in Eureka Springs Arkansas helps me to stay current on practicing restorative work in the broader world.

The Restorers Corner is where I share tips and tools to experience the positive benefits of meditation, creativity and restorative living.  You can find out more about my mindfulness and writing programs at karenpowerswan.com.  


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