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In the Restorers Corner, I share proven approaches to living more sustainably based on my over fifteen years as a sustainability coach and project leader, as I helped hundreds of businesses and individuals to grow greener in every way.

Together, we look at how to take advantage of the principles of green living in new ways. We tend to think of going green as something that younger people do.

In my experience, there are women and men of every age group that want to create a more beautiful life for themselves in a way that is good for the rest of the world. Mindfulness is a foundation for doing this type of work, and so I incorporate that in the offerings that I create.

Going Green As You Age is one approach to improving your prosperity to create a more secure and happy future for yourself and those you love.

I offer sustainable living classes every week through my Restorers Corner program.

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Free monthly meditations are available every month here. You can also join the Restorers Corner program to take part in a live meditation every week.


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The Restorers Corner monthly program is designed to help you go greener as you age. We focus on environmental restoration as well as creating new ways of increasing our wealth and prosperity.